MENDO is a candy store for book aficionados. Their poison: books that feed visual curiosity. Both our store in the 9 Streets in Amsterdam, designed by Concrete Architectural Associates, and their award-winning online store are frequented by book lovers around the globe. What they find at MENDO is a constantly changing, meticulously curated collection of books on fashion, photography, interior, graphic design, lifestyle, food and traveling.


MENDO values the ambiance in which we present their books and welcome their customers. Scent is an often overlooked but indispensable factor. In particular when it comes to a bookstore, since scent and books are inseparably connected.

Everyone has associations when it comes to the smell of paper. Whether it’s the scent of freshly printed ink on paper, or books that have been around for years, the fragrance brings back memories.

MENDO has been using the Zenology Ambiance Triggers for years to add subtle, fresh tones to the original odor at MENDO, created by their books. And if they were to rely on the reactions of their customers, it adds to the MENDO ambiance.


"We have translated the full gratification of reading a book into an olfactory experience. It’s so much more than just images and words on paper and the beautiful scent of all the components that has gone in making it. It would be folly to leave out the feeling of turning a page, the weight of the book on your lap, the way light bounces of its pages. We have tried to capture all the above in our creation for MENDO."

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