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Earl Grey Tea

Thea Bergamia | Earl Grey Tea | Thé Bergamia Ambiance Trigger

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The Zenology Earl Grey Tea Ambiance Trigger is a tribute to Charles Grey, the second Earl of Grey. A spicy soulful blend of black Chinese tea, originally flavored with bergamot oil, stylish and comforting elegance steeped in memories and traditions.

Additional Information

How to use

Pull the trigger to create your own personalized mood. 
The Iconic Ambiance Trigger® is originated from industrial sprays and contains precious fragrances that are in symbiosis with one’s space. Like a person’s olfactive identity, each ambiance can now have its own scented atmosphere.

Pull the trigger and spray in the air. Close spray nozzle after usage. Do not spray on objects.


Alcohol, Aqua / Water, Fragrance / Parfum

What to expect

Notes: Black Tea Oil, Bergamot, Cardamom, Clove Leaf Oil, Copahu Balme, Cedarwood