Founder and Creative Director of ZENOLOGY.

He worked for 10 years as a fashion designer and changed focus from fashion to interior design and created alongside field specialists, the concept for a boutique hotel in Amsterdam. Whilst creating an amenity line for this boutique hotel he started his brand ZENOLOGY.


Always in search of perfection and quality all our fragrances are produced at Accords et Parfums in Cabris, the company created by Edmond Roudnitska famed for the high standards of raw materials and prestige perfumes. Since its foundation in 1946 they are synonymous with the world of luxury perfumes.


We believe we should Care and Consider, by being responsible and environmental conscious regarding the products we use. Striving for sustainability and an environmentally friendly realization, inspired by and respectful of nature, balanced with design.


We use ingredients from renewable sources that represent a fusion of active botanicals and the power of vitamins. Our products do not contain environmentally and skin unfriendly ingredients, neither do the formulas present allergenic nor artificial colors.