Every day, thousands of people use our products in hotel worldwide.
It fills me with pride to see how zenology’s values of quality and sustainability
are increasingly shared globally.

Jeroen Oude Sogtoen

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The comfort of quality: more than just a room for the night.

Originated in the hotel industry, ZENOLOGY is designed to elevate the hotel stay through the comfort of quality and the power of scent, all with care for the environment.

We aim to raise expectations of luxury by stimulating all the senses with our ambiance fragrances and cosmetics. Allowing you to revel in the feeling of being looked after.

Each of our trademark fragrances tells a different story. Allowing you to travel into your own place of luxury and comfort.

ZENOLOGY offers luxury in a conscious way.

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    Ready for take off?

    A complete concept from (bespoke) in-flight amenity kits to sleepwear, from Economy to First Class. ZENOLOGY tailors the product mix to ensure the best fit for the passengers to make their flight comfortable.

    The philosophy and formulations of our products guarantee an optimal sustainable travel companion.

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    scenting solutions

    automatic scenting

    Next to our iconic ambiance trigger ZENOLOGY presents automatic scenting solutions in collaboration with field specialist ScentAir. Operating in 109 countries, with over 100.000 deployments, ScentAir is the largest and most experienced scent provider.


    High quality wax ensures an almost immediate fragrance diffusion as soon as the wax is warmed up. Designed in refined glass vessels tinted in elegant tones, the collections convey a clean aesthetic purity. A pristine balance between design and beauty.

    fragrance sticks

    ZENOLOGY fragrance diffusers effortlessly bring a relaxing atmosphere with sophisticated fragrances diffused through capillary action. The active principle of the diffuser is that the fragrance slowly moves out of the flacon up the wooden evaporating sticks and the perfume can distribute itself unobtrusively in the room. The pure shape of the flacon combined with the flawless scents bring a feeling of relaxation and create a signature fragrance. A stylish way to subtly perfume the interior with a long-lasting scent that will freshen the space.

    tailor made

    Our team with creative professionals can create tailored candles and fragrance diffusers for clients who aim to leave a mark. Colors, shapes, fragrances and materials almost become obsessions to us. ZENOLOGY offers co-branded products that can be branded to fit to any concept (upon request).

    solutions for restaurants, bars and gyms

    Offer your guests and members a hotel-class experience enriched with our ZENOLOGY cosmetics. Send them off to another world of serenity and comfort.