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active ingredients

The active ingredients in all ZENOLOGY cosmetics are added in the most effective way. Each product for hair, hand and body has been carefully composed to deliver the most nourishing, soothing and protective components, measured to benefit you the most.

clean beauty

ZENOLOGY cosmetics are unisex and free from harmful toxins and made with the highest quality ingredients. They are also free from artificial colors and have not been tested on animals. Many natural, organic ingredients can cause skin sensitivities that build up over time and some can be harsh and abrasive to our skin. Hence why we don’t claim to be 100% natural but we do claim to be 100% good for skin.

high quality fragrances

All our formulas have been subtly scented with our quality luxury fragrances. These fragrances have been uniquely designed for ZENOLOGY by our in-house perfumer to give you an indulging and lavish experience that pleases the senses.