DUO SET HAIR Fycus Sycomorus

Sycamore Fig | Figuier Sycomore

2 x 500 ml | 16.91 fl.oz.


smells like

Warm creamy fig


active ingredients

Jojoba Seed Oil & Vitamin B5


100% Post-Consumer recycled PET bottle with BIO additive

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Clean Cosmetics


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Fycus Sycomorus

Features two of our hotel icons – Nourishing Shampoo and Vitalizing Conditioner. The combination of active botanicals and the power of vitamins create the perfect symbiosis of cleansing properties and luxuriously nourishing benefits. Formulated with Jojoba Seed Oil, Vitamin B5 and Hydrolized Collagen, the Nourishing Shampoo stimulates hair growth and strengthens the hair while gently removing excess oil and grime while the Vitalizing Conditioner fights hair static and protects it from external aggressors. Leaving hair smooth and voluminous and the scalp hydrated and healthy. The set features  2 x 500 ml size that is the perfect to avoid an extra visit to the store.

Fycus Sycomorus

Carefully formulated to balance active ingredients to maximum effect.

Jojoba Seed Oil provides moisture to the hair and scalp and balances the natural sebum production. Aloe Vera strengthens the hair shaft and stimulates growth. Vitamin E works as a powerful antioxidant to protect hair from environmental stressors and Vitamin B5 induces moisture and fights hair static.

Subtly scented with our quality luxury fragrance in Fycus Sycomorus makes washing your hair a truly indulging and lavish experience that pleases the senses. Zenology’s Fycus Sycomorus Nourishing Shampoo leaves hair voluminous and with incredible shine.

Fycus Sycomorus

Packed with the maximum effective dose of nutrients to look after your hair and scalp the best possible way.
Jojoba Seed Oil and Glycerin deeply nourish and moisturize your hair while Vitamin B5 fights hair static. Subtly scented with our quality luxury fragrance in Fycus Sycomorus makes washing your hair a truly indulging and lavish experience that pleases the senses. Zenology’s Fycus Sycomorus Vitalising Conditioner leaves hair strong, voluminous and with incredible shine.

Fycus Sycomorus

GEBRUIKSAANWIJZING : Breng aan op nat haar, masseer voorzichtig en spoel grondig uit, herhaal en volg met ZENOLOGY conditioner.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Massage gently into wet scalp and rinse thoroughly, repeat and follow with ZENOLOGY conditioner.

MODE D’EMPLOI: Appliquer sur le cuir chevelu humidifié et masser doucement. Bien rincer le produit. Renouveler l’opération. Poursuiver par l’utilisation de l’après shampoing ZENOLOGY.

ANWENDUNG: Sanft in die nasse Kopfhaut einmassieren und gründlich ausspülen, wiederholen und anschließend mit ZENOLOGY Haarspülung.

Fycus Sycomorus

GEBRUIKSAANWIJZING: Breng na het gebruik van shampoo een hoeveelheid aan op nat haar, werk door de lengtes en punten. Daarna grondig uitspoelen met lauw water.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply an amount of this creamy conditioner, work through the mid-lengths and ends after shampooing. Rinse thoroughly with luke warm water so hair will instantly be disentangled, smooth and vitalised.

MODE D’EMPLOI:  Après le shampooing, appliquer cet onctueux après-shampooing du mileu aux pointes des cheveux. Masser pour faire pénétrer le produit. Rincer abondamment avec de l’eau tiède. Vos cheveux seront immédiatement démêlés, lisses et vivifiés.

ANWENDUNG: Nach der Haarwäsche eine Menge auf das nasse Haar auftragen und in Längen und Spitzen einarbeiten. Anschließend gründlich mit lauwarmem Wasser abspülen.

NOTES: Fig, Magnolia, Wood

Fycus Sycomorus is sophisticated and fruity, reminiscent of a fresh fig ripened in the warm African sun. All elements of the fig tree: The freshness of its sappy leaves, the warmth of the wood and the sensuality of the ripe fruit all blended in one harmony.

Our quality cosmetics has been subtly scented with one of our luxury fragrances. Each fragrance has been uniquely composed for Zenology by our in-house perfumer to give you an indulging and lavish experience that pleases the senses.


500 ml | 16.91 fl.oz. Nourishing Shampoo
500 ml | 16.91 fl.oz. Vitalising Conditioner

Please refer to the individual product page for the most up-to-date ingredient list.


Zenology’s hair, body and hand care collection has been designed to be suitable for all skin and hair types. They only contain ingredients that are friendly to skin and environment. Most of the ingredients are drawn from renewable sources and fuse active botanicals with the power of vitamins.  They are cruelty free and do not contain artificial colors.

FREE FROM: Parabens, sulphates, SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate), petrolatum, mineral oils, synthetic colors, silicones, microplastics, animal ingredients.
It is highly endorsable to address environmental risks posed by microplastics in cosmetics, as well in other products. For this reason, ZENOLOGY products do not contain any plastics, such as: Nylon, Polyamide or Polyethylene. (Plastic c.q. microplastics are characterized as solid particles which may lead to bioaccumulation in sea organisms.)



2 x 500 ml | 16.91 fl.oz.

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