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ZENOLOGY’s iconic Ambiance Trigger was originally created for housekeeping to apply fragrances to hotel rooms. By equipping our bottle with an advanced wide range Canyon-trigger spray mechanism, one single spray from our Ambiance Trigger has the ability to fragrance an entire room.

The name “ZENOLOGY” represents a balance between nature and science. The industrial design of the Ambiance Trigger expresses the technological prowess, craftsmanship and complexity of each fragrance. The symbiosis with nature can be found in the bottle’s content of precious fragrances that have been carefully crafted to deliver a zen experience to any interior.

This is why our Ambiance Trigger is the epitome of ZENOLOGY as a brand.

interior fragrances

Scent has the power to trigger the senses and evoke feelings. It allows us to forge emotional connections and create an experience. ZENOLOGY’s ambiance fragrances are carefully crafted to form a symbiosis between people and their environment. They are the sensorial structure of any space and allow you to instantly enhance or transform its feeling.

A fragrance can relax, it can invigorate or it can give us warmth and comfort. But its true power, is that it allows us to fully embrace the moment. Awakening a recollection of knowledge and becoming a memory of its own.

every room another scent

Every home narrates its own story, and each room has its own purpose. Just how color can enhance the identity of your surroundings, each of ZENOLOGY’s exclusive ambiance fragrances tells a different story and provokes a different emotion. Our 300 ml ambiance triggers allows you to ‘color’ every room with a different fragrance.

Walking through the front door into your hallway that oozes tranquillity and peace with our classic Camellia Sinensis. Lounging on the couch in the comfort of your living room with the relaxing Fycus Sycomorus. Or the enveloping warmth of sitting by the fireplace with Tobacco Lignum. Set the mood for an evening out and get dressed in the sensual aroma of Pōmum Grānātum. Power down from a busy day and fall asleep in a cloud of powdery white Gossypium.

Every room its own purpose
Every room its own feeling
Every room its own fragrance