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Ambiance Essential Gift Set

Ambiance Essential Gift Set

Price  69,00

Discover our fragrances with this Ambiance Essential Gift Set. It creates the perfect gift, and allows you to purchase five items at a lower cost when purchasing them individually.

CONTENT: 5 x 50 ml 1,69 fl.oz.


Additional Information

How to use

By pulling the trigger you will create your own personalized mood.
The Ambiance Triggers are originated from industrial sprays but contain precious fragrances that will be in symbiosis with one’s space. Like a person’s olvactive identity, each ambiance can now have its own scented atmosphere.


Alcohol, fragrance, water

What to expect

Ambiance Essential Gift Set features:
50 ml 1,69 fl.oz Black Tea Ambiance Spray; 50 ml 1,69 fl.oz Ebony Ambiance Spray.
50 ml 1,69 fl.oz Firewood Ambiance Spray; 50 ml 1,69 fl.oz Cotton Flower Ambiance Spray;
50 ml 1,69 fl.oz Liquid Bakhoor Ambiance Spray.