The Trigger Spray Skins x Zenology Liquid Cashmere embodies the true Skins feeling – the luxury, quality and comfort Skins represents and the experience of visiting a Skins store. The interior spray is a cashmere composition based on the fragrances of soft suede, gold saffron, rosewood and sandalwood.


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Pull the trigger to create your own personalized mood.
The Iconic Ambiance Trigger® is a luxury room spray originated from industrial sprays that contains precious home fragrance which are in symbiosis with one’s space. Like a person’s olfactive identity, each ambiance can now have its own scented atmosphere.


Pull the trigger and spray in the air. Close spray nozzle after usage. Do not spray on objects.

Alcohol, Aqua / Water, Fragrance / Parfum

Soft suede, Gold saffron, Rosewood and Sandalwood


1000 ml, 50 ml

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