Camellia Sinensis

Black Tea | Thé Noir
220 gr | 7.76 oz.


This Scented Candle adds the dimension of light and warmth to the iconic Camellia Sinensis fragrance.


smells like

Herbal tea



Black Tea, Clary Sage, Guaiac Wood


100% Natural Eco Wax


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The comforting vapor of our emblematic Camellia Sinensis fragrance makes the ideal companion for colder and darker days. The dimension of light and warmth from the new scented candle elevates the purifying woody steam of Black Tea, Clary Sage and Guaiac Wood. Encased in matt-black packaging, the 220g Scented Candle Camellia Sinensis lives in symbiosis with every interior.

Burn within sight. Never burn a candle on or near anything that can catch fire. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Remove candle from packaging before burning. Place on stable heat-resistant surface. Avoid drafts. At the first lighting it’s important to allow the candle to burn 2 – 3 hours in order to establish a decent burn pool. Trim your wick to 1 cm before each use. Do not burn the candle for more than 3 – 4 hours at a time. Always leave at least 10 cm between burning candles. Discontinue burning candle when 1 cm of unmelted wax remains. Burn time approximately 50 hours.

Each of our fragrances have been created uniquely for ZENOLOGY by in-house perfumer Fredrik Dalman.

Always in search of quality and perfection, all our fragrances are produced in The South of France at Accords et Parfums. The company, created by French master perfumer Edmond Roudnitska, is famed for their high standards of raw materials and prestige perfumes. Since its foundation in 1946 Accords et Parfums is synonymous with the world of luxury perfumes. Finding new heights in the quest for beauty and harmony, while maintaining the uncompromising standards to which Edmond Roudnitska dedicated his life and work.

Elements: Black Tea, Clary Sage, Guaiac Wood

Camellia Sinensis

100% vegetable-based candle wax.
A blend of soy, rapeseed and beeswax.

Made in The Netherlands.


220 gr | 7.76 oz.

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