Fycus Sycomorus | Sycamore Fig | Figuier Sycamore Duo Gift Set Hair

2 X 500 ml 16,91 fl.oz


This Sycamore Fig duo gift set creates a perfect gift, and allows you to purchase two items at a lower cost than when purchasing products individually.



This set consists of:

The nourishing mint-infused shampoo for all hair types imparts incredible shine, bounce and volume. Formulated with invigorating peppermint. This super-lathering, energizing shampoo leaves hair and scalp clean, manageable and healthy.

Mint-infused conditioner for all hair types that leaves hair shiny and manageable while imparting moisture and nourishment. Formulated with vitalising Jojoba Seed Oil and Vitamin B5, this replenishing conditioner energizes hair while leaving it feeling refreshed and healthy.



Massage the shampoo gently into wet scalp and rinse thoroughly.

Apply an amount of creamy, conditioner, work through the mid-lengths and ends. Rinse thoroughly with luke warm water so hair will instantly be disentangled, smooth and vitalised.

This set contains:
500 ml 16,91 fl.oz. Nourishing Shampoo; 500 ml 16,91 fl.oz. Vitalising Conditioner.

This set contains:
500 ml 16,91 fl.oz. Nourishing Shampoo + 500 ml 16,91 fl.oz. Vitalising Conditioner

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