Tobacco Lignum | Tobacco Wood | Bois Tobacco

300 ml | 10,14 fl. oz.


Tobacco Lignum Ambiance Trigger is full-bodied and opulent, a fine balance between sweetness and spice. Gilded with powdery facets of orris and saffron, the dry tobacco releases a warm woody accord of lingering vanilla and cacao.

NOTES: Tobacco, Orris, Saffron


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The Iconic Ambiance Trigger® is a luxury room spray originated from industrial sprays that contains precious home fragrance which are in symbiosis with one’s space. Like a person’s olfactive identity, each ambiance can now have its own scented atmosphere.

Every home narrates its own story, and each room has its own purpose. Just how color can enhance the identity of your surroundings, each of ZENOLOGY’s exclusive ambiance fragrances tells a different story and provokes a different emotion. Our 300 ml ambiance triggers © allows you to ‘color’ every room with a different fragrance.

Pull the trigger and spray in the air. Close spray nozzle after usage. Do not spray on objects.


Tobacco, Orris, Saffron


Alcohol, Aqua / Water, Fragrance / Parfum



300 ml 10.14 fl. oz.

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