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paper accord, clove, orris, ink, styrax
cork absolute, vetiver, nutmeg absolute


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a new chapter

1000 ml / 300 ml / 75 ml

ambiance travel spray


75 ml 2.54 fl.oz

Travel size format. Become familiar with Libri and to take your favorite home fragrance everywhere you go.

ZENOLOGY™ Official Site – essentials for hair, body and home.

Bring Hotel Luxury Home. Discover our Clean Cosmetics and unique Home Fragrances. A balance between Nature and Science.

Originated in the hospitality, ZENOLOGY brings hotel luxury home through sensible, luxurious, quality beauty and lifestyle products. A fragrance driven lifestyle brand, where each product has been expertly crafted to deliver a fully immersive olfactive experience. ZENOLOGY is about finding a balance between nature and science. Nature is our shared responsibility and we believe that each of us can make a difference. This is why we aim to be as green as possible. Our products are free from skin and environmentally unfriendly ingredients.

We care & consider, about the product, about you and about nature. ZENOLOGY’s clean, vegan and cruelty free cosmetics have been developed to be suitable for all skin and hair types. They only contain ingredients that are friendly to skin and environment. Most of the ingredients are drawn from renewable sources and fuse active botanicals with the power of bio active ingredients.

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